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MARCH 10 - 12

Twin Peaks + Maligcong Rice Terraces

Jolo Dublin

Mt.Fato (est. 1438MASL) and Mt. Kupapey (est. 1647 MASL) Location Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province Difficulty: 3/9 (Trail can be likened to Mt.Gulugod Baboy, only covered with Pine forest) Trail Class: 1-2 Though Mt.Fato’s trail is not yet well established.Rock scrambling is required to get to some spots on the summit.

START Fri March 10, 2017 08:30 PM

END Sun March 12, 2017 11:58 PM

MEETING PLACE Mcdonald's near Eton Centris and BMW

PRICE ₱2,550.00/ Person


Who's Going?

1 slots left!

Banaue Rice terraces Transportation Trail food
Maligcong Rice Terraces All fees (Entrance fee, Registration, Guide fees for 2 mountains) Head lamp
Colorful Vilage in Baguio Maligcong Homestay 1L water
Sea of Clouds 3 Hosted Meals Extra clothes ( at least 2-3 layers )
Poncho/ Raincoat
Arm and leg warmer/sleeves
Alcohol or any disinfectant, insect repellent
Plastic bag (for waterproofing your things)
Garbage bag
Personal medication (advise the group if there’s any)


Day 1
DAY 0 March 10 8:30PM: Meet up (JOLLIBEE FARMERS CUBAO) 9:00PM: ETD Cubao bound to Bontoc Day 1 March 11 7:00AM: ETA Banaue (Breakfast | Banaue rice terraces viewdeck) 12:00NN: ETA Bontoc proper – Lunch (on pax acct) 1:00PM: ETA Homestay at Maligcong (Rest | Prepare for hike at Mt. Fato) 2:30PM: ETD Homestay bound to Mt. Fato jump off 3:00PM: Start Trek to Mt. Fato 4:00PM: ETA Mt. Fato Summit (Photo ops | Rest | Sunset) 5:00PM: Start descent 6:00PM: Arrival at Homestay (Rest | wash up) 7:00PM: Dinner (Hosted) 8:00PM: Socials 9:00PM: Lights off Day 2 March 12 3:00AM: Wakeup call | prep. For hike at Mt. Kupapey | light Breakfast (Hosted) 4:00AM: ETA Mt. Kupapey Jump off | Start trek 5:30AM: ETA Mt. Kupapey Summit (Sunrise | Photo ops | Explore the area) 6:45AM: Start Descent 7:45AM: ETA Maligcong Rice paddies (Photo ops) 9:00AM: ETA Homestay | Wash up & Pack up | Breakfast/Early lunch (Hosted) 10:30AM: ETD Maligcong proper bound to Baguio via Halsema Highway (Highest highway in the Philippines) 11:30AM: Lunch along the way (on pax acct.) 5:00PM: ETA Benguet 6:30PM: ETA Baguio | Buy Pasalubong | Dinner (on pax acct) 8:30PM: ETD Baguio bound to Manila