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NOVEMBER 18 - 19

Tripkada Outdoors : Elevated

450.00 / PersonBOOK TRIP

Jeoffrey Sansano

Exploring the Philippines is all about experiencing the great outdoors. In its thrust to promote sustainable and responsible travel in our country, Tripkada is here to give you Outdoors : Elevated. An introductory course open to travellers and aspiring trip organisers to learn the basics of mountaineering, first aid, and so much more over a weekend. Tripkada believes that helping travellers to be equipped with the basic knowledge and experience of interacting with the outdoors will help us create a movement of more responsible tourism in the Philippines. This course is organised with the help and collaboration of Tripkada, its trip organisers, and various climbing communities and advocates of the outdoors, whose advocacy for sustainable tourism includes properly training travellers to interact and survive in the outdoors. It is a 2-day activity which you can choose your focus lecture. Choose from different focus lectures like - Outdoors : Basics - Basic introduction to the outdoors. Includes Leave-No-Trace, Basic First Aid, Basic Life Support, Introduction to the Outdoors, Outdoor Attitude and Ethics, Introduction to Backpacking Essentials, Basic Wilderness Survival ETC! | Outdoors : Elevated Camping - Focus on the do’s and don’ts of Hammock Camping, Bivouacking, Basic Camping Essentials and Emergency Camping. | Outdoors : Elevated Survival - A more in-depth focus on Wilderness Survival, Bushcrafting, Ropemanship and Knot-Tying, Spineboard Management. | We’ll have the resource speakers collaborating for you! Different speakers from: Tripkada | Wilderness Search and Rescue | Alliance Search and Rescue | Rescue 117 Makati | MCAP | A.N.I.N.O. Mountaineering | Zion Emergency and Rescue | Shinobi Outdoors | Yabag Mountaineering | Leave-No-Trace |

START Sat November 18, 2017 03:57 AM

END Sun November 19, 2017 08:57 PM

MEETING PLACE McDonald's, New Frontier, Quezon City, NCR, Philippines

PRICE ₱450.00/ Person


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17 slots left!

Leave No Trace Entrance Fee Snacks
Introduction to the Outdoors Camping Fee Notebooks and Pens
Backpacking Essentials Lecturers Logistics Sleeping Materials
Basic First Aid Facilitators Logistics Easy to cook foods for Day 1 Lunch, Dinner and Day 2 Breakfast, and Lunch
Basic Life Support Certificate of Participation 5 pesos each for Mineral Water good for the day
Hammock Camping 120 Pesos Per way for Jeepney Transportation from Cubao - Venue
Emergency Camping Extra Cash for Discounted Items from Sellers
Outdoor Ethics 3m Rope for Ropemanship (Static Rope)
Basic Wilderness Survival Triangular Bandage (Standard and not Mesh Type)
Orienteering and Navigation Compass with Baseplate (Standard)


Day 1
4:00 AM Meetup Mcdonalds Kia Theater, New Frontier, Cubao 5:00 AM ETD Cubao 6:30 AM ETA Basekamp Pitstop, Pintong Bukawe, Rizal 7:00 AM Start of Lectures 1:00 PM Lunch Time 2:00 PM Resume Lectures 9:00 PM Dinner 11:00 PM Lights Out
Day 2
5:00 AM Wakeup Call 6:00 AM Start Lectures 1:00 PM Lunch Time 2:00 PM Resume Lectures 8:00 PM Closing Remarks 10:00 PM ETA Cubao