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MAY 11 - 15

Sibuyan Island


April Margaret Cuenca


Sibuyan is one of my favorite islands in the Philippines. Known as "the Galapagos of Asia", Sibuyan is a place to just be away from the world, and actually be with nature, away from development. We'll go to the beach, cross rivers, do some bouldering and light hiking, jump off cliffs (or just plain rocks), and relax by the natural pool. Don't worry, there's signal for the most part, and if you need to be online, your mobile data will suffice.

START Fri May 11, 2018 06:00 PM

END Tue May 15, 2018 06:30 PM

MEETING PLACE Jam Liner Buendia Terminal, Taft Avenue, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

PRICE ₱14,000.00/ Person


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Staying at Sanctuary Garden Resort Roundtrip Bus Tickets: Makati-Batangas Hiking shoes or sandals (We are crossing rivers. Prepare to get wet.)
Beach Bumming at Cresta de Gallo Roundtrip Regular Class Boat Tickets via Montenegro Lines: Romblon-Sibuyan Waterproof Bags (You can buy a TACTICS dry bag at the office)
Hiking and cliff jumping at Cataja Falls 3 Nights Triple-Sharing Fan Room at Sanctuary Garden Resort Light backpack (You can order a Deuter backpack via Tripkada)
Swimming at the natural pools Private Boat Rental Water Bottle
Snorkeling at the Fish Sanctuary All Entrance Fees Swimming gear
Firefly Watching Jeepney Rental for 1 Day Towel
Private Local Guide for 3 Days Beach Towel
Snorkeling Set Hat
Roundtrip Tourist Class Boat Ticket via Montenegro Lines: Romblon-Batangas Sunglasses
Mosquito Repellant
Drifit Shirt/s
Drifit Pants
Obviously, your underwear
First Aid Kit (w/ any meds you might need)
Snorkeling Set (If you're particular about it)
Did I say Powerbanks? POWERBANKS!!!!


Day 1
Travel Day! We'll meet up at the JAM Bus Liner bus station in Buendia, but those that want to ride with me from Tripkada HQ are welcome to meet up with me there. We leave Tripkada HQ at 12:30PM. 1:00 PM Leave Makati (Bus Station) 3:30-4:00 PM Arrive at Batangas Port (Let's get there ASAP, so we can just relax at the Port and wait for our boat. There's fast wifi there, so we can aaaaall do our last minute work stuff.) 5:00 PM Leave Batangas Port 3:00-4:00 AM Whenever we might arrive in Romblon, we'll have the time to take a tricycle to Bonbon beach and watch the sunrise from there! YAAAAS!!!! 7:00 AM Leave Romblon, Romblon Port 9:00 AM Arrive at Sibuyan Port ------Check in------- After we arrive, we'll check in, freshen up, and relax by the pond or by the river (whatever we feel like when we get there). LUNCH! 1:00 PM Hike to Natural Pool --The natural pool is just 1.5 hrs easy hike from the resort, and it'll be a great way to get a feel of the area, stretch our legs, and relax. We can pack some merienda, picnic, and be cute there!-- 6:00 PM Arrive at the resort 7:00 PM Dinner
Day 2
7:00 AM Take a tricycle and begin Hike to Cataja Falls 8:30 AM Arrive at Cataja Falls --Cataja Falls is another 1.5hrs easy hike, with a 10-minute tricycle ride. We're going here, because this is the best waterfall, but because of the short hike, most tourists don't opt for this one. This is good, because the water of Cataja is so clean, that it's also a source of fresh drinking water for the locals. This hike entails some river crossing and bouldering, and it will all be worth it!-- 10:00 AM Time to go back to the resort 11:30 AM Arrive at the resort, rest and freshen up 12:00 PM Lunch (We can also go to the market and find some fresh food to prepare for dinner!) 2:00 PM Go to the fish sanctuary 4:00 PM Arrive at the resort 6:00 PM Dinner 8:00 PM Firefly Watching (somewhere secret!!!!)
Day 3
7:00 AM Leave for San Fernando Town 9:30 AM Arrive at the port for Cresta De Gallo 10:30 AM Arrive at Cresta De Gallo 2:00 PM Leave Cresta De Gallo 3:00 PM Arrive in San Fernando Town 5:30 AM Arrive at the resort 6:00 PM Dinner (We can also go to the market and find some fresh food to prepare for dinner!) --This is the most variable of our itinerary. We can leave earlier in the morning and go to the island earlier in the day, which would give us the opportunity to go to other nearby natural attractions in the area. The important thing is that for this day, we'll have a jeepney and a boat at our disposal, to bring us to San Fernando (the other end of Sibuyan) and to Cresta de Gallo, respectively.
Day 4
10:00 AM Leave Sibuyan 12:00 NN Arrive at Romblon Port 12:00 NN Leave Romblon Port 8:00 PM Arrive at Batangas Port 10:00 PM Arrive in Makati --Travel Times are estimated based on the provided schedules by boat and bus companies to be used. It might change based on the weather and any other elements we cannot control.-- --Food is not included in the package, because we want to have the flexibility to find what's there, and see what we can choose fresh. Also, alam kong gutumin tayong lahat.-- --On packing: I don't mind if you don't pack light, as long as you can carry your own things! ;) --