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MARCH 24 - 25

Radiance: Yoga & Reiki Retreat

Noelle Hilario

Take a weekend off from your overloaded schedule and experience a peaceful tropical getaway of yoga, reiki and bodywork. Feast on nourishing snacks at a raw food workshop, soak up some vitamin sea and create meaningful memories with a group of like-minded people. This retreat is designed for you to rest, reset and brighten your spirit so you can move forward with your everyday life feeling inspired and renewed. Activities Candlelit Vinyasa Yoga Yoga will help us to move and connect with our mind body and spirit, through intentional movements that will help us open up muscles slowly. We will be doing our yoga class during Earth Hour in an experiential candlelit setting. Reiki Reiki is a beautiful life-force energy given to us as a gift to renew and heal ourselves. This intro workshop will cover the history of reiki, its mental, emotional and energetic benefits. We will practice on sending intentions to the things around us and experience how that plays a role on the world and within ourselves. Bodywork Bodywork is a form of body manipulation that benefits the person’s overall mental emotional and physical wellbeing. Raw Food Workshop Learn how to create enzyme-rich, plant-based snacks so you wouldn’t have to reach for that bag of chips again! Simple and delicious snacks that it’s quite hard to believe they’re actually healthy!

START Sat March 24, 2018 06:00 AM

END Sun March 25, 2018 02:00 PM

MEETING PLACE Potipot Gateway Resort, Candelaria, Central Luzon, Philippines

PRICE ₱7,580.00/ Person


Who's Going?

11 slots left!

Accommodation Sunblock
Transfers Swimsuit
Candlelit Yoga Class Snacks
Reiki Healing Class cash for personal expenses
Bodywork cash for meals
Pilates yoga mat
Rawfood Workshop toiletries
Goodie Bag


Day 1
5:30am – Meet at McDonald’s along EDSA corner Panay Ave. QC (beside MRT Station Quezon Avenue stop, southbound lane) 6:00am – Leave for Zambales 9:00am – ETA Zambales – Breakfast 10:00am – Opening Ritual 12:00nn – Check In – Lunch 1:30pm – Reiki Healing 6:00pm – Candlelit Yoga 7:30pm – Dinner 8:30pm – Bodywork
Day 2
7:00am – Breakfast 9:00am – Raw Food Workshop 12:00nn – Lunch 1:00pm – Closing Ritual 2:00pm – Leave for Manila 5:00pm – ETA Manila