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MARCH 24 - 25

Paradise of Sn Antonio Zambales Gateaway

Angelo Reyes

A place that makes you forget about the future and embrace the joy of the present! Stretching 173 Kilometers on the Central West Coast of Luzon Island fronting the West Philippine Sea, Zambales is the second-largest province of Central Luzon and has a one of the less densely populated areas in the Philippines – quite a surprise since the province is just 3-4 hours northwest of Manila. Most of its inhabitants are crammed in the lowland plains toward the coast – the indigenous Aetas (the earliest inhabitants) and the superstitious Sambals (an Austronesian group of people who displaced the Aetas and from whom the Zambales were named after) live in its mountain ranges. Other proceeds of the tour will be used for the upcoming Outreach Activity for the Aetas in Nagsasa Cove this coming May 22, 2018.

START Sat March 24, 2018 02:00 AM

END Sun March 25, 2018 07:00 PM

MEETING PLACE Jollibee - McKinley Exchange, Makati, NCR, Philippines

PRICE ₱2,699.00/ Person


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Beach Camping Shower Facilities Swimsuit
Island Hopping Service boat with island Hopping to any available island ( Pundaquit Beach, Capones Island, Anawangin Cove, Talisayen Cove, Nagsasa Cove) Trail Food
Overnight Camping Fee in Nagsasa Cove If you can bring waterproof casing and bags, do so
Camping Tent (For sharing) Drinks for social
Bonfire woods
Kitchen Utensils
Nippa Hut Cottage
Coordinator/Tour guide
Cooking woods
All fees
Round Trip Transportation
Dinner and Breakfast


Day 1
02:00 AM Assembly- Jollibee Mckinley Exchange (Breakfast) 02:30 AM ETD Leave for San Antonio Zambales 08:00 AM ETA San Antonio Zambales Public Market (Buy Foods) 09:00 Am Pundaquit Beach (explore, photo ops, Start of Island Hopping) 09:30 AM Capones Island (swim, explore, photo ops) 10:30 Am Anawangin Cove (swim, explore, photo ops) 11:30 Am Nagsasa Cove (check-in) 12:30 Am Nagsasa Cove (lunch) 02:00 PM (swimming, explore, photo ops, games) 05:00 PM Prepare for dinner 06:00 PM Dinner 07:00 PM Socials, Bonfire
Day 2
07:00 AM Breakfast 07:30 AM Trekking to Hilltop of Nagsasa Cove / games. 09:30 AM Check-out 10:30 AM Talisayen Cove (swim, explore, photo ops) 11:30 AM ETA Pundaquit Beach (shower) 12:30 PM ETD Subic Zambales (lunch, shopping) 02:00 PM Going Back to Manila 07:00 PM ETA Manila Price:✖ Php 3,000 per person PROMO: Php 2,699 per person