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DECEMBER 07 - 09

Mt. Kupapey + Mt. Fato

2,750.00 / PersonBOOK TRIP

Mai Dee

Mt. Kupapey and Mt. Fato Overnight GOOD FOR BEGINNERS Experience and see the beautiful Maligcong Rice Terraces. Mt.Fato (est. 1438MASL) and Mt. Kupapey (est. 1647 MASL) Location Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province Difficulty: 3/9 (Trail can be likened to Mt.Gulugod Baboy, only covered with Pine forest) Trail Class: 1-2 Rock scrambling is required to get to some spots on the summit of Fato. Exclusions: -Foods along the way and going home ***Just add 250 to downpayment for the hosted meal or bring your own Dinner Day 1 Lunch Day 2 -CR fees and other fees not listed above -Travel Insurance and gratuities

START Fri December 07, 2018 10:30 PM

END Sun December 09, 2018 10:00 AM

MEETING PLACE mcdonald near The Hub Greenfield District, EDSA Central Ave, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

PRICE ₱2,750.00/ Person


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Maligcong rice terraces -Roundtrip Van transfers (Manila-Bontoc-Manila) - Sun and Rain Protection (raincoat, arm sleeves, shades, cap, etc.)
-Registration fee for 2 mountains - gloves
-Guide fee for 2 mountains - 1 to 3Liters of Water depends on your consumption
-Homestay Accomodation (1night) No need to bring tent - flashlight/headlamp
-Hosted Light Breakfast Day 2 - first aid kit
-Coordinator fee - personal medicine
- toiletries
- Trash bags/Extra plastics
- Powerbank/Camera
- trekking pole


Day 1
Day 0 (Fri) 10:30pm Assembly at Mcdo Greenfield District Near Portal and Shaw Crossing 11:00pm ETD to Bontoc Day 1 (Saturday) 07:30 AM ETA Banaue (Breakfast | Banaue Arc/Terraces Viewdeck) 12:30 PM ETA Bontoc proper – Lunch (on pax acct) 01:30 PM ETA Homestay at Maligcong (Rest | Prepare for hike at Mt. Fato) 02:30 PM ETD Homestay bound to Mt. Fato jump off 03:00 PM Start Trek to Mt. Fato 04:00 PM ETA Mt. Fato Summit (Photo ops | Rest | Sunset) 05:00 PM Start descent 06:00 PM Arrival at Homestay (Rest | wash up) 07:00 PM Dinner/ Socials 09:00 PM Lights off
Day 2
Day 2 (Sunday) 03:00 AM Wakeup call / prep. For hike at Mt. Kupapey /light Breakfast 04:00 AM ETA Mt. Kupapey Jump off | Start trek 05:30 AM ETA Mt. Kupapey Summit (Sunrise | Photo ops | Explore the area) 06:30 AM Start Descent 07:30 AM ETA Maligcong Rice paddies (Photo ops) 09:00 AM ETA Homestay | Wash up & Pack up | Breakfast/Early lunch 10:00 AM ETD Maligcong proper 12:00 PM Lunch along the way 05:30 PM ETA Baguio | Buy Pasalubong Along the way | Dinner (own pax acct) 07:00 PM ETD Baguio bound to Manila Day 3 (Monday) 12:00 AM ETA MANILA