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FEBRUARY 22 - 25

Mingle with the Aetas and Learn Survival Skills

3,110.00 / PersonBOOK TRIP

Yetz Kie

Explore and try new adventures in Pastolan Aeta Village. Watch the amazing show of dances performed by Aetas. Marvel at the display of their genuine culture. Witness the humble lifestyle of Aetas. Learn about their traditions and new skills that you can use. There are also courses that will teach you handy things to help you survive in a jungle. You will get hooked with the great showcase of their customs. Pastolan Aeta Village will let you see the culture of Aetas for yourself. After the wonderful show, you will be lead into Pamulaklakin Forest Trail. You will learn survival skills with an expert as a tour guide. Visitors will enjoy the quiet embrace of nature while walking in the path. Along the way, guides will teach you lots of valuable information. If you’re stuck in a forest or a jungle, you’ll be glad that you went on this venture. You will learn where you can get clean water. Plants and herbs around the area will take an interesting value. You’ll know which ones can be used as a medicine and which ones are unsafe. Guests will also learn how to make traps for animals like monkeys. Pamulaklakin Forest Trail will show you its true worth. The large trees and its calming feel will make you think of blooming flora. There are lots of plants, herbs, and shrubs. Discover nature’s true form and take delight in its splendor. The short hike will take you to a small clearing beside a stream. You will feast on delicious Filipino food. Dining beside the stream will increase the great flavor of the dishes. You will be treated to the relaxing sound of running water and the birds chirping in the forest. This is the perfect way to end your journey. There’s a wide range of activities you can enjoy by visiting Pastolan Aeta Village. Watch great performances and finish survival courses. After that, trek through the modest trail of the forest and have a good meal beside the stream. Feed your soul with great memories.

START Thu February 22, 2018 06:00 AM

END Sun February 25, 2018 05:00 PM

MEETING PLACE MOA Arena, Pasay, NCR, Philippines

PRICE ₱3,110.00/ Person


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Learn Survival Skills Food Sunblock
Mingle with the Aetas Entrance Fee Snacks
Trek in a Jungle Guide Camera
Transportation Personal Money
Accommodation Things or Snacks to give to the Aetas


Day 1
Airport arrival & pick-up. Travel to Subic for 3hrs by van. Lunch along the way (at own cost) or take an early lunch at the airport or somewhere. ETA Subic 1:30-2pm depends on the traffic.
Day 2
Breakfast. Jungle Tour with Guide and Survival lesson.
Day 3
Breakfast. Free and Easy. Mingle with the Aetas. Watch their traditional dance.
Day 4
Breakfast. Check-out. Lunch along the way going back to Manila Airport.