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Gem Calleja

Masungi Georeserve is a rustic rock garden and conservation area in the rainforests of Baras, Rizal. Its primary aim is to conserve 60-million-year-old limestones and some 350 flora and fauna through geotourism. On the trail you'll encounter a variety of low-impact man-made improvements that enhance the guests’ interaction with nature and provide access to different points of interest. DEADLINE OF BOOKING: FEB 20, 2018 1ST COME 1ST SERVE

START Thu March 01, 2018 04:00 AM

END Thu March 01, 2018 07:00 PM

MEETING PLACE mcdonald's near Two Cyberpod Centris, Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, Quezon City, NCR, Philippines

PRICE ₱2,600.00/ Person


Who's Going?

12 slots left!

hiking van transportation Towel
rope climbing entrance fee Extra Clothes
limestone rock guide fee Tower
sapot spider web conservation fee Camera
trekking safetly helmet Trail Food
sight seeing coordinators fee
picture taking light snack


Day 1
ITINERARY 4:00 AM Meet up Mcdo Centris Quezon near BMW Bldg 4:30 AM ETD Mcdo to Masungi 6:30 AM ETA Masungi 7:00 AM Orientation and Start Trek 11:00 AM End of Trek 2:00 PM Optional side trip to Pililla Wind Farm 3:00 PM ETA at Wind Farm 4:00 PM ETD from Wind Farm 6:00 PM ETA at Mcdo Centris REMINDERS: WHAT TO BRING • Kindly bring only copy of proof/s of payment, extra clothes, and valuables inside the georeserve. We can also provide you small bags to secure these items during the trail. We highly discourage bringing of large bags and unnecessary items inside that may make the trail less comfortable for you. • Please bring your water jugs/tumblers - there are refilling stations the starting and end point of the trail. Typically, guests would consume a litre of water. This is at the Silungan (briefing area) and Liwasan (final rest stop). For the Summer Season, 1.5 to 2L was observed to be ideal for the trail. • Meals are not allowed to be brought inside. For your comfort, please eat a sufficient meal prior to the trail. The georeserve can allow trail food such as peanuts, chocolate, trail mixes, and biscuits. Complimentary light snacks will be served near the end of the trail. • As there may be a couple more roads to get to the reserve, we strongly recommend you to bring a private vehicle. WHAT TO WEAR • Do wear comfortable hiking attire and non-slip, closed shoes suitable for a hike. Slippers are not allowed inside the reserve. For added comfort, you may also bring gloves. • There may be bouts of drizzles and rain from time to time. We recommend bringing extra clothes. Ponchos will be freely provided. POLICIES • Please review the reserve's policies (i.e. no smoking, no littering and noise is prohibited, etc.) and waiver/health form with the entire group, including drivers, and aides. Policies apply to the whole georeserve, including the trail, the provided parking spaces, and the road/roadside fronting the gate. • Please note that a penalty of PHP 3,000.00 automatically applies for the first non-compliance to littering, smoking, and picking/collection of animals, plants, and rocks policies. • Omit personal tipping among park rangers. This ensures non-interference of visits to priority conservation work, and encourages consistency in experience among guests. These are critical from a holistic perspective. Should there be an absolutely inevitable need to tip, there is a communal bucket located in Silungan and Liwasan. This ensures equitable distribution among rangers doing guiding, maintenance, and protection works. OTHERS • Guest restrooms are located in Silungan (briefing area). This is a quick 5-minute walk from the parking drop-off area. • Expect the trail to slow down at two particular stops - Sapot and Duyan. There are time allotments for these stops to observe. Kindly listen to your park rangers and observe their instructions so as to maximise your time and visit. • While trail visits are a rain or shine activity, cancellations due to extreme weather conditions may be made to ensure safety. Similarly, paths or stops may be diverted for critical concerns.