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MAY 16 - 18

Maniwaya Island Sand Bar Get Away

Rhea Huerto

START Tue May 16, 2017 06:00 PM

END Thu May 18, 2017 07:00 AM

MEETING PLACE McDonald's, corner, Quezon Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

PRICE ₱2,599.00/ Person


Who's Going?

10 slots left!

Maniwaya Sand Bar Boat Transfer Sunblock
island Hopping Entrance Fee Swimsuit
Island Sandbar Transportation Snacks
Rock Formation Guide Extra Clothes
Red Wine Van Transfer RT Manila MArinduque Camera
Cooler With Full of Ice Parking Fee Towels
Beers Drivers Meals Shades
Guide Fee Hats\Cap
Coordinator Fee soap
Travel Insurance (Optional) Power Bank
Drivers Fee Extra Slippers
Plastic Bag For Wet Clothes
Trash Bags
Insect Reppellant
Sarong \Malong


Day 1
Day 0 -May 16, 2017 Meet Up Q.C Avenue Mcdo Mrt Station 1:00am 1:30am Depart Marinduque is widely known for the traditional Moriones Festival celebrated annually during the Holy Week but little do people know that there’s more to this province than men dressed in ancient Roman costumes and morion masks until an island promising white sandy shores, turquiose seawater, stunning sandbar and amazing rock formation surfaced the internet. It didn’t take long for people to take notice of the long, unspoken jewel that was Maniwaya Island and the myriads of splendid things it offers. Maniwaya Island is part of the town of Sta Cruz in Marinduque and is less than an hour of boat ride away from the main island. It is surprisingly undeveloped with only a handful of resorts lined along its shores of rough coral stones and white sugary sands. Its water is teeming with life although negative effects of cyanide and dynamite fishing in the past are still very much evident in one too many dead corals scattered in its ocean floor. Its rustic vibe and tranquil state are its most redeeming qualities. Plus, it is totally off the path and uncrowded so you are guaranteed to have that patch of sand to frolic under the sun with for that much needed tan. ITINERARY Day 01 May 17, 2017 Wednesday 0130am ETD General Luna 0530am ETA General Luna Port 0600am Breakfast. Marketing 0800am ETD Maniwaya Island 0930am ETA Maniwaya Island Wawies beach 1100am Prepare lunvj 1200nn Lunch 0100pm Free time, Rest 0300pm Visit Palad Sandbar 0400pm Visit Ungab Rock 0500pm Back to resort, Wash Up Sunset Watching 0600pm Dinner 0700pm Socials 1000pm Lights Out DAY 2 May 18, 2017 Thursday 6000am Wake Up Call 0700am Breakfast 0800am Water Activities 0900am Swim, Enjoy the beach Photo Ops 1200nn Lunch 0100pm Pack Up 0200pm ETD General Luna/Catanauan 0300pm ETA General Luna 0800pm ETA Manila INCLUSIONS: Private Van Transpo Gasoline Parking Fee Tollgate fees Driver services and meals Service of a Tour Coordinator Boat ride Entrance, Camping and Cottage Fees Tent Drinking Water Cooler with Ice Unli iced tea 4 Full Meals (Lunch, Dinner, Bfast, Lunch) Free use of volleyball Free use of frisbee Reminders: -Always REMEMBER TO PACK LIGHT. -Waterproof your things -Travel_On will bring cooking materials and utensils needed (you just need to bring spoon &fork and mug/drinking cup) -Enjoy the event but DO NOT compromise your and the teams safety. Things to bring: -Swimwear -Malong/Sarong -Sleeping Bag / Blankets -Hygiene kit/Kikay kits -Shades -Sun block -Lamp/Flashlight Extra Batteries -Mosquito repellent -Snorkeling gears -Cell phones, Camera with Extra Batteries -Power bank -Beach Slippers -Spoon and fork -Drinking Cup (can be used for hot or cold beverage) -coffee of your choice (we will provide hot water) -Foods for sharing during socials(nuts,chips,crackers etc.) -liquor if ull be drinking NOTE The Itinerary is just a basis and not absolute or will not be 100% perfect due to many factors such as the weather condition,participants pacing,traffic,etc but we will do as much as possible to impose to everyone to follow the Itinerary. The Organizer or Event Coordinator has the right to change or adjust the Itinerary with prior notice to Guest/Participants. The Organizer has the right to cancell the event with prior notice if the desired no.of participants is not reached.