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MARCH 24 - 26

Kaamulan Festival 2017

Yetz Kie

Join us for 3 days of fun and laughter, adventure and nature, and the warm welcome from the people of Bukidnon on their Kaamulan Festival 2017!

START Fri March 24, 2017 05:00 AM

END Sun March 26, 2017 03:00 PM

MEETING PLACE Cagayan de Oro, Northern Mindanao, Philippines

PRICE ₱3,500.00/ Person


Who's Going?

15 slots left!

Food hiking shoes
Guide jacket/sweater
Entrance Fee clothes for 3 days
Transportation camera
Accommodation blanket (just in case)
Event Shirt
Nasuli Spring
Lake Apo
Mt. Palaopao Terrain Hike
Blue Water


Day 1
Day 1 (March 24): 1:00AM-DV Soria for our bus to Kisolon. 5:30AM- [email protected] Brgy. Kisolon Bus Terminal, Sumilao. 7:00AM- ETD to Mt. Palaopao Range. 11:00AM- Back to Kisolon Bus Terminal. 12:00PM- Lunch @ Rodeo Grill (Impasug-ong). 1:30PM- ETD to Yellow Petals (drop all the stuff). 2:00PM- ETD to Nasuli Spring (Bangcud, Malaybalay). 4:30PM- ETA @ Yellow Petals (change & prepare). 6:00PM- Dinner @ Jollibee Drive Thru. 7:00PM- A Glimpse of Bukidnon (Kaamulan Theater) 10:00PM- Back to Yellow Petals (Rest & Sleep).
Day 2
Day 2 (March 25): 4:00AM- Wake-up Call and Prepare 4:30AM- Pancake and Coffee, and packed meal @ Jollibee. 5:30AM- KAAMULAN Booth and Street Dancing Competition (Fortich St. Malaybalay). 9:00AM- KAAMULAN Ground Dancing Competition (Capitol Grounds). 12:30PM- Lunch @ Re Cafe (Impalambong). 2:00PM- ETD to Lake Apo Horse Riding and ChiLax on Cottage Floating (Guinuyoran, Valencia). 6:00PM- Dinner @Yem-Yem BBQ (Valencia City). 8:00PM- Socials @ Capitol Grounds (Fireworks display and Manila Artist Live Banda. (Pay your own social drinks) 12:00MN- Yellow Petals (Rest and Sleep).
Day 3
Day 3 (March 26): 8:00AM- Wake-up Call 8:30AM- ETD to Blue Water (Quezon) and Breakfast while travelling (Drive Thru Jollibee). 12:30PM- ETA from Blue Water to Malaybalay. 12:30PM- Change and Pack up. 1:30PM- Lunch (ARL Malaybalay City) 3:00PM- Home-Sweet-Home