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JANUARY 14 - 15

Bolinao Overnight Adventure

Queen Rublico

Boasting of having one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines and home to an amazing array of natural sites from the long-stretch white Sands of Patar Beach, to the Amazing Bolinao Falls, and Beautifully formed Enchanted Cave. Bolinao is a perfect escape who wants a little adventure, and to chill out at night to the Western's Sea breeze.

START Sat January 14, 2017 04:00 AM

END Sun January 15, 2017 07:00 PM

MEETING PLACE McDonald's, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

PRICE ₱2,500.00/ Person


Who's Going?

13 slots left!

Beach Van Transpo Backpack
Beach Bumming Tour Guide Dry Bag
Rock Formation Environmental Fees Slippers
Sunset Entrance Fees Towel
Falls Accommodation Change of Clothes
Caving Floater Rental Swimsuit
Cliff Diving Driver's Meals and Parking sunblock
Lighthouse water
Church waterproof camera
insect repellent


Day 1
Day 01 04:00 AM Meetup at MCDO EL PUEBLO, ORTIGAS,PASIG 04:30 AM ETD Manila to Bolinao 09:30 AM Drop by Adora's for Brunch 10:30 AM Visit St. James Church (3 min walk from Adora's) 11:00 AM Head to Accommodation 11:30 AM Check in at Accommodation 01:00 PM ETA Rock Formation at Patar 02:30 PM ETD Rock Formation 03:00 PM Explore the Lighthouse 04:00 PM Enjoy and Explore Patar White Beach until Sunset 07:00 PM Dinner at Mangunguna Restaurant 08:00 PM Sleep. Snore. Dream.
Day 2
Day 02 05:30 AM Wake-Up and Explore the Stretch of Patar Beach 06:30 AM Breakfast 07:00 AM Check-out. Start Exploring the Falls of Bolinao 07:40 AM ETA Bolinao Falls 1 08:10 AM ETD Bolinao Falls 1 08:30 AM ETA Bolinao Falls 2. Jump Dive 09:30 AM ETD Bolinao Falls 10:10 AM Arrive at the Enchanted Cave, Swim 11:00 AM Wash-up 12:30 NN Lunch at Sungayan Grill 01:30 PM ETD Back to Manila 07:00 PM ETA Manila