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JANUARY 27 - 28

Basic Mountaineering Course by Panhik in cooperation with Tripkada

550.00 / PersonBOOK TRIP

Meg Aran Lyn Riel

Mountaineering here in the Philippines is fun. Especially nowadays that this outdoor activity is becoming more and more popular. But climbing a mountain doesn't end with you going on the trail, taking pictures of the view and going down. You should be equipped with the knowledge that you need since you will be exposed to the outdoor world. Come learn and share experience with us on this Basic Mountaineering Course headed by Panhik Outdoors in cooperation with Tripkada. Topics will cover Basic First Aid Basic Life Support Basic Wilderness Survival Backpacking Introduction to the Outdoors Outdoor Ethics Basic Ropemanship & Knot Tying and a lot more bonus topics!

START Sat January 27, 2018 04:00 AM

END Sun January 28, 2018 08:00 PM


PRICE ₱550.00/ Person


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16 slots left!

Basic Mountaineering Course Entrance Fee Snacks
Introduction to Outdoors Camping Fee Tent / Hammock / Sleeping Bag
Basic First Aid Event and Lecturer's Logistics Food for the whole weekend
Basic Life Support Certificate of Participation P5 for Mineral Water good for 1 day
Outdoor Ethics P250 for roundtrip jeepney transportation Cubao - BaseKamp - Cubao
Basic Backpacking Extra Cash for Discounter Items
Trail and Camp Management 3m Rope for Ropemanship (Static Rope)
Ropemanship Triangular Bandage (Standard and not Mesh Type)


Day 1
4:00 Meetup Mcdonalds Kia Theater, New Frontier, Cubao 5:00 ETD Cubao 6:30 ETA Mahogany Camp, Sitio Karugo, Montalba, Rizal 7:00 Start of Lectures 12:00 Lunch Time 13:00 Resume Lectures 21:00 Dinner 23:00 Lights Out
Day 2
5:00 Wakeup Call 6:00 Start Lectures 12:00 Lunch Time 13:00 Resume Lectures 20:00 Closing Remarks | Awarding of Certificates 22:00 ETA Cubao