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Backpacking/Road Trip Masbate

Yetz Kie

BACKPACKING/ROAD TRIP MASBATE (Note: We divide the trip if you cannot make it to the whole duration. Just choose your date.) The Trekkers and Focalmatters Photography will backpack Masbate, an island province in the Philippines located near the middle of the nation’s archipelago. Backpacking Masbate is a mixture of sea to hill or hill to sea or anything in between. Earl, my younger brother, is a wedding photographer by profession under his company name, Focalmatters Photography. If you have a plan to do Prenup Photo Shoot or even Wedding Destination in this place during the below dates, let us know so that we can arrange it for you. For those who cannot make it for the whole duration, we divided the tour into two, that you can choose which one to take. You can see it at our events.

START Mon February 26, 2018 12:56 PM

END Fri March 09, 2018 01:56 PM

MEETING PLACE Masbate, Bicol, Philippines

PRICE ₱10,430.00/ Person


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9 slots left!

Backpacking Masbate Boat Transfer Sunblock
Roadtrip Masbate Food Swimsuit
Camping over a blanket of stars Entrance Fee Snacks
Horse back riding Guide Personal Money
Transportation Camera


Day 1
Arrival. Check-in in a homestay. Wander around the city.
Day 2
Feb 27-28: Breakfast. Check-out. Travel to Bagui Point for Aroroy Lighthouse, 1 ½ hr from Masbate and Mayong Payong. Stay in Mayong Payong for a night (tent pitching).
Day 3
Feb 28-Mar 1: Check out for island hopping (Tent Pitching in one of the island) ➢ Ticao Island (Ticao is home to Manta Bowl where you can dive freely and swim with Manta Rays. If you opt for diving, let us know to arrange it for you and if we will extend for another night so that we can adjust the days). ➢ Monreal Island ➢ Halea National Park
Day 4
Mar 1-2: Back to Masbate. Visit Sese Brahman’s Ranch (Cattle Capital of the Philippines) and may be sleep for two nights. (Tent Pitching or tree house) – Horse riding activity
Day 5
Mar 3-5: Check out at the Ranch to visit Burias Island and feel like a castaway. Stay in San Pascual where visitors can enjoy freshly cooked birds nest soup. (Tent Pitching) ➢ Tinalisayan Sandbar ➢ Sombrero Island (Turtle Reserve) ➢ Animasola Island (outstanding rock formation)
Day 6
March 5-7: Stay at Fazenda de Esperanza (Farm of Hope), Milagros
Day 7
March 8: Explore the city of Masbate
Day 8
Mar 9: Departure. END OF THE TOUR.